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Thomas Clipper Unite Travel Collection (3x 7.5ml) 1
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Thomas Clipper Unite Travel Collection (3x 7.5ml)

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Product code: AW17-U7003

Thomas Clipper established themselves to be the company that ticked all the boxes. From sustainability to local sourcing and creating an all-around decent product. It's safe to say these guys know a thing or two about keeping us looking and smelling fresh.

The Unite fragrance collection is designed to be blended by the user to create the ultimate scent. You can use them separately or combined, to create 'the best cologne you've ever made'.

This Travel set of 3 fragrances contains 7.5ml sample bottles with a spray pump on each bottle. Designed to help you travel lightly, whilst smelling great.


Drawn from a classic London barbershop with a modern take on it. City is a blend of tonka bean, cedarwood and other aromatic notes that help create a vibrant fragrance. Country brings out an intriguing depth, while Coast plays on the textures top notes.


Influenced by the North Norfolk coast, where the forest meets the sea. Coastis a blend of citrus, cypress leaf, rich iris, and guaiac wood to create a fresh, sporty fragrance. City creates a traditional fragrance, and Country goes against the freshness with an intense rich aroma.


Influenced by the heart of England. Country is a deeply masculine fragrance with notes of saffron, sandalwood, ginger and black pepper. City contrasts the with an innovative mix, and Coast brings brightness and an overall lighter blend. 

Thomas Clipper Unite Sample Set (3x 7.5ml)
3 x 7.5ml bottles for travel
100% Organic Alcohol
Not Tested on Animals
Once Opened, Use Within 36 Months
Developed in Grasse
Made in England